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Your Adventure Begins Now!

Welcome to our World! Regardless of whatever path you have travelled, everyone has a story of value to share with the world; whether it is a life lesson; insights into business and finance; or some well-crafted tale, your story is worth sharing and Sons of Issachar...

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Corporate Publishing Is More Than Just Printing

Every organisation conscious about its brand recognises that corporate identity comprises a varied selection of small, but very important, essentials that conjoin to send out a single, powerful message about its brand. When it comes to corporate publishing, it is...

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Thinking of Improving Your Brand’s Visibility?

Brand Visibility is the number one distinguishing factor that separates better-known brands from those that are not as popular or loved. Every brand says one thing: my product is good and you can trust it. However, some say it better and louder than others. Creating a...

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BOOK MARKETING 101 – The Ultimate Checklist

As an author, selling your book can sometimes be a pain. With the euphoria of holding your published book in your hands beginning to wane, you are now faced with reality of getting that pile of boxed books delivered by your publisher or printer out of your house and into the waiting hands of the thousands of people you believe will be willing to pay good money for it. When it comes to forming a marketing plan for your book, you must remember that book sales, like any other business endeavour, requires strategy and planning. There is nothing undignified about marketing your book, especially if you are determined to be seen and recognised as a successful author.

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Are There Any Original Writing Ideas Left?

I’ve come to realize that creativity isn’t always coming up with something new; often, it’s simply finding new connections, perspectives, and combinations of elements. Letting go of your ideals regarding originality and reshaping them with this new understanding will send you soaring into less inhibited and better writing experiences.

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10 Reasons to Hire a Professional Editor

You have just completed your thesis, a term paper, a letter to a new client, a press release, or your latest book. You’ve read it and re-read it, but are just not sure it’s right. You’re not certain you have communicated your ideas clearly and effectively. There are words and sentences you’re not happy with, but you’re not sure how to fix them. This is the point when you need a professional editing service. Good writing comes from good editing. A professional editor does more than correct mistakes; they can help you turn lead into gold! Here are 10 reasons to hire a professional editor:

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How to Engage Readers with Emotionally Charged Writing

Readers who are emotionally invested in a piece of writing are more likely to keep turning pages, to tell their friends about it, and to read more of your work. It doesn’t matter which emotions you engage; make readers feel something — anything — and they will reward you, because the experience you gave them was rewarded.

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14 Books Every Writer Needs on Their Shelf

Here is a list of fourteen books on writing every writer needs on their shelf. Some of these books could be used as a reference to solve a specific problem, like “Form the possessive singular of nouns with ‘s.” That answer is on page one of The Elements of Style. Or maybe you have a dragon called Resistance every time you try and sit down to write and you need to read The War of Art by Steven Pressfield. Or maybe you need to figure out how to make the reader care about your villain, and you need to read Save The Cat by Blake Snyder.

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